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What We do 

Calling Everyone ...

Whether you are a student, career girl, teacher or an organisation that wants to find out more about the up and coming GenZ and millennial work force, we have something for you. Look below and see some of the ways we usually participate with our network. 

If you want to find out more or have a request, click the button below.


For our Girls ...


Events & Private Dinners 

Keep a look out on our website and mailing lists for opportunities to physically and virtually come to GIS partner events in your area, as well as our annual private dinners where you get to meet and dine with industry leaders who can help take you to the next level of your career or education. *Limited spaces apply*


121 Career Coaching and Advice

We all need a pep-talk every once in a while. This is an option recently opened to our community, which was only reserved for friends of the GIS Team. Message us for a KICK-START Plan on how to get your goals

1. Inspired

2. Established

3.& Executed 

With an personal online session with our founder or a member of the GIS Team.


Presentation, Interview Preparation & CV Writing

Want to brush up on your public speaking skills or do you need an extra pair of ears with feedback? 

We're here to help you make yourself achieve the presentation skills you need. It's all about perception, and we are here to make sure you are perceived exactly the way you intend- on paper and in real life.


For Organisations ...

We have worked with many bodies, from universities to tech companies, diversity consortiums and campaigns, we understand that it is important to show your support for the future diverse work force and gain mutual understanding respect for the current issues and agenda-topics of today. Please see the ways we have worked with organisations over the part 4 years.

For Teachers ...

Here are some of the ways we work with educators and schools ...

*Available for home-schooling groups.

Mock Interviews 

GIS can arrange a panel of industry experts to interview students of your choice with written feedback for improvement and commendation areas.

Mentoring Referrals 

Do you want one of your students to be paired with a leading female from a specific industry ? Send us a message and we can have a conversation on our free mentoring programmes for those below the age of 17.

Inspirational /Educational Class Talks 

Need some motivation for your class ? We can pair you with an industry or motivational speaker to add some extra-life to your usual class routine.

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